About the little me!

Hi dear nomad. Welcome aboard on Digital Nomad by Tiasy, a website dedicated to digital nomadism and globetrotting, created by my little self: Tiasy – also known as Samantha – a digital nomad from Madagascar, a very great big island localised in the Indian Ocean, next to Africa. Most of the time, people are associating the Malagasy people to the movie “Madagascar”, and no! We have nothing to do with them! (Except the lemurs… and King Julian xD)

digital nomad by tiasy

About my story, I’m basically a writer. A french-speaking writer by the way! Huhu! I’m a blogger and freelance journalist working for the Radio France International (RFI), and for Mondoblog.

I’m also a digital entrepreneur. I founded my digital agency: Book News Madagascar, in 2018.

Apart from that, you might see me doing some community management services, digital marketing, webdeveloping, teaching, training, etc. I’m a selfmade woman and I really love doing many things at the same time.

Even though, since August 2022, I decided to focus on this project: a digital nomad website to promote the Malagasy culture and also any other countries cultures, to promote international tourism, destinations, the digital nomad jobs, communities and rights, and that’s why you may have come here.

So there you go! You can find anything you want here. And if not, don’t hesitate to contact me! 🙂 Who knows? I’m maybe your soulmate! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Come on, you’re not here for nothing! Good luck my dear! 🙂